Online Data Back-up

The Data Back-up Challenge

For many companies, data protection can be a big challenge. Tape back-ups can be unreliable, cumbersome, and expensive. The alternative method, creating back-ups over a wide area network (WAN), can also be expensive with large amounts of data inflating the already high cost of bandwidth.

Fort Knox Records Management’s online data back-up system addresses these hurdles and enables you to efficiently manage and protect your company’s most critical information.

The Fort Knox Records Management Solution

Fort Knox Online Data Back-up offers secure, storage-optimised data protection for remote offices across diverse IT environments. Online data back-up combines disk-based back-up with distinctive fingerprinting technology to rapidly identify the unique, changed segments of data. By identifying only those unique segments of data to back-up, Fort Knox Online Data Back-up reduces the network bandwidth used to move data offsite as well as the amount of storage required. Web-based access for both data recovery and administration allows for more streamlined management of important data. These features in Fort Knox Online Data Back-up enable your business to effectively address the challenges of data protection.

As part of our commitment to excellent customer service at Fort Knox Records Management, we continually upgrade our software and provide you with all the support you need to ensure that your back-up system is working on a daily basis. This includes remote support, unlimited restores and helpdesk support.

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