Our state-of-the-art security systems, staff police checks and in-house delivery services ensure security from theft and breaches of confidentiality.

All sites are monitored internally and externally 24/7 using CCTV, infrared movement sensors and stringent PIN or verbal-recognition access controls, ensuring security and protection.

Free yourself from worry and let Fort Knox Records Management protect your company records from fire, theft and other disasters.

Fire Control

At Fort Knox Records Management, we employ strict fire and disaster management plans, with a direct link to emergency services and a comprehensive system of sprinklers, smoke detectors, and on-site firefighting equipment to minimise the chance of any loss.


Our facilities are fitted with two dedicated security systems that are independent and operational on different phone lines. Our systems feature:

  • Door read switches
  • Infrared and movement sensors
  • Separate alarm verification methods
  • Sealed warehouses requiring PIN access
  • Electronic gate access

Access Controls

All storage facilities employ secure electronic gate access, all vehicles are company owned and all staff are police-checked and employed directly by Fort Knox Records Management — ensuring your peace of mind.

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